About Akbaba Handels

Why we are
One of the best

“Highly competitive pricing for high quality goods“

We always maintain the low prices by working directly with suppliers and assembling orders.

We are wholesalers that offer a wide range of high-quality food and industrial products since 2009. We are focused on purchasing and distributing foods, groceries, and beverages, Because of our large network of well-qualified suppliers, we have a unique portfolio of products.

In this path, the success, performance, and innovative strength of our team are steadily increased on the basis of appreciation, willingness to learn, and experience.

Long-standing figure in the food industry, founder Orhan Akbaba, the managing director brings more than 11 years of experience and insight to the business. Lead a dedicated and committed sales and the delivery team we continue a tradition of excellent and personal services for our customers.

Akbaba Handels Gmbh

For fresh gorcery and Fast delivery

Orhan Akbaba


Orhan Akabab joined the business in 2009 with great passion for the food production industry. Orhan has an experienced background in the food industry. He understands the details and commitment required in getting great quality products to market.

Akbaba Handels Gmbh

Akbaba Handels Operates
In Berlin and outside of Berlin

We always provide our customer with top quality and fresh foods

Our independent retail is serviced by our extensive warehouse network and delivered operation to stores.

More than 55 stores
Our footprint currently extends to over 55+ neighborhood convenience stores outside of Berlin with a diverse product portfolio ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, beverages, FMCG.

We have built strong relationships with our customers and suppliers over the years and always highly customized their continued custom and support.

We use the Efficient latest technology packing system to maintain the freshness of frozen food for a long time, resulting in a longer shelf-life. For that, We have a dedicated and highly-skilled team of professionals for the procurement of high-quality food.


Neighborhood convenience stores

We care about our employees

Our Staff

The hardwork behind our success

Our team's main focus is providing first-class wholesale food supply and distribution services to the food and beverage service and ethin trade section in the berlin.

Our many years of expertise in global commerce and extensive knowledge of logistics, as well as our dedicated team who are always ready to make a great deal, makes Akbaba Handels a reliable partner for suppliers as well as customers.

Our team believes by building good customer relationships and providing amazing and high-quality service at every stage of the buying experience, helps to retain customers.

Our Goal

Always improve in quality and reach as many neighborhoods as possible

Our main goal is to provide customers with high quality products and services .We build up a better future through a strong commitment to everything we do.
We have a very clear aim, keep it simple, deal only with luxury and small brands to take them to markets via high-end food outlets, offering unbeatable service and customer satisfaction, with both suppliers and customers .
Quality is more important to us than growth, but slowly the pots are getting bigger and we are happy about that.

Our Strategy

Simple, High quality products with happy and satisfied customers

Our main strategy is to keep our suppliers and customers satisfied. It's our pleasure to provide the right service, at the right price to our clients.
We give more focus to being a good business partner to our customers and suppliers

that is the reason why we continue to develop our business with everything from new products and product categories to new flexible logistics solutions which can be all benefits for our partners.